Friday, April 11, 2014

Seeking Solitude

I sought a few moments of quiet among the purple blossoms of the front porch.  After a long day, in the midst of a long week, I wanted to hang on to the quiet I'd achieved during my week alone.  In my adirondack chair, I sipped a cold coke and read a book on my iPad.  One by one, I was joined by a husband, who brought his own chair and iPad, a small dog who wanted in my lap, a great, huge dog who wanted to love on me with a wet beard, and a teen who wanted to discuss deep, important, meaningful issues. I had to laugh.

Seeking solitude
is highly overrated
Pay attention now

© 2014, Liza Lee Miller
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P.S.  My wonderful husband did notice my plight and toss the dogs and kid in after a few moments.  Sometimes solitude shared is the best kind.  

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