Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Being Grateful

In my search for self-improvement, I am focusing on gratitude.  I'm also teaching a GATE class on poetry in April and my students' excitement is encouraging me to get back into writing poetry.  Besides, April is National Poetry Month so I plan to write a lot of poetry in April.  

I guess I'm getting a head start!

each day
follows gratitude
a daily habit that gives back

© 2016 Liza Lee MillerAll rights reserved. 

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Small Changes

Small changes are easier to make into permanent changes.  This month, I'm adding a daily meditation.  First thing in the morning, I start the coffee maker (if it wasn't set up the night before) and go meditate for 10 minutes.  

I'm using an app to help me get started.  I tried several and am sticking with Calm.   It's a great start to the day.  

Last week and this week, I've been having pain in my neck and shoulders from stress.  Today, after meditating, I noticed that there is very little pain.  How's that for a reward for doing the work?  

Keep Calm and . . . 

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Just As

Writer's Digest Magazine gives poetry prompts on Wednesdays.  Today's was for a "Just As Something Changes" poem.  I couldn't resist. 

Just As
Just as the whole year winds to a close
Just as I struggle to deal with my sadness (and excitement)
Just as I pack up and toss and sort
Just as I say good-bye to faces I've grown to love
Just as I stand at the ending
I prepare for a new beginning
I celebrate my excitement (and sadness)
I plan how I will unpack and organize
I think about the new faces I'll grow to love

© 2015 Liza Lee MillerAll rights reserved. 

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Blood Moon

Eclipse April 2014
Taken with iPhone and spotting scope during "Blood Moon" Eclipse, 4/15/2014

Sitting in the dark
Fiddling with trappings of modern life
Juggling DSLR and spotting scope and iPhone
(while thankfully none are dropped!)
debating which photos record the moment
and then touching, briefly, the awe
that must have been felt when people
simply watched an event with awe
and knew:
it has meaning.

© 2014, Liza Lee Miller
April is National Poetry MonthWrite a Poem-A-DayNaPoWriMo

Monday, April 14, 2014


Do you hear that?
Do you know what kind of bird makes that call?
Do you know which birds live in your yard?
Do you see those blossoms falling and scattering on the ground?
Do you smell their fading scent?
Do you see or hear or smell or touch the beauty all around?
Do you care?
Are you aware?

© 2014, Liza Lee Miller
April is National Poetry MonthWrite a Poem-A-DayNaPoWriMo

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Moon Madness

April 2014 full moon

Full moon
lights the sky
howl at the moon, my dear friends

© 2014, Liza Lee Miller
April is National Poetry MonthWrite a Poem-A-DayNaPoWriMo

Friday, April 11, 2014

Seeking Solitude

I sought a few moments of quiet among the purple blossoms of the front porch.  After a long day, in the midst of a long week, I wanted to hang on to the quiet I'd achieved during my week alone.  In my adirondack chair, I sipped a cold coke and read a book on my iPad.  One by one, I was joined by a husband, who brought his own chair and iPad, a small dog who wanted in my lap, a great, huge dog who wanted to love on me with a wet beard, and a teen who wanted to discuss deep, important, meaningful issues. I had to laugh.

Seeking solitude
is highly overrated
Pay attention now

© 2014, Liza Lee Miller
April is National Poetry MonthWrite a Poem-A-DayNaPoWriMo

P.S.  My wonderful husband did notice my plight and toss the dogs and kid in after a few moments.  Sometimes solitude shared is the best kind.