Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year.  2013.  The world didn't end in 2012 to the surprise of many and the relief of most.  2012 was quite a year . . .

I took a lot pictures in 2012.  It was quite a year.

We did a lot of camping which is always our best family time!  We added to our family by getting Freya, our Irish Wolfhound puppy. The kids played music and Gage ran Cross Country and Track.  We had a partial solar eclipse.  We had our longest (and arguably best) big summer camping trip to date.  Ruth started high school.  We celebrated our celebrations and loved and laughed and cried together.

Highlights for me . . .

I got to spend a lot of time with these three people:

My family in 2012 - Gage, Greg, and Ruth
Freya - our new baby
Freya, our Irish Wolfhound puppy when we got to meet her
I hiked the Virgin Narrows River for the 3rd time and went farther than I've gone before and had the technology to safely take pictures there!  
We went higher than we've gone before in Rocky Mountain National Park. 
Here is Gage - 12 at 12,000 feet.  We intended to take a picture of Ruth at Pike's Peak (14 at 14,000 ft but there was a fire and we couldn't go there.) 
Still, Ruth got some great climbing in at Badlands National Park. 
I got to go back "home" again.  This is the hospital I was born in at the abandoned air force base at Glasgow, MT. 
We learned about the fun to be had in photobombing.  
I saw some amazing birds . . .  road runners and an eagle and an osprey fighting over an eel stand out this year.  We saw amazing wildlife, too including a life species -- Rocky Mountain Goats in Glacier National Park.
I don't think you can sum up a year in one post but reviewing my photos from 2012 was a nice way to wrap up that year and start thinking about the next.  

I hope you had a satisfying 2012 and are looking forward to new adventures in 2013.  We Millers definitely did and are!  


  1. Wow. Some noteworthy doings in your family. I like the 12 at 12,000.
    And where you were born is now abandoned? Is that like breaking the mold?

    1. It was a noteworthy year for us. The 12 at 12 was awesome . . . I just wish we could have gotten the 14 at 14 again. It's unlikely we're going to get her up to 14 here in California -- those peaks aren't accessible by car and none of us can help her hike up there, sadly.

      Visiting the place of my birth was one of the most bizarre things I've ever experienced. So strange. The base closed down in 1969 and it's just moldering away -- except for a few homes where people are happily living in renovated homes. As Greg said, "This is the freakiest damn thing I've ever seen." Streets and streets of abandoned buildings and then a street with several nice houses, boats being washed, and bikes all over the lawns. Utterly bizarre.

  2. I think Greg was 11 yrs old when we went across RMNP - That Winnebago was tasked. Remember looking way down at a herd of Elk