Thursday, November 29, 2012

Time to go on the hunt

It was a beautiful fall day in the Santa Cruz Mountains yesterday.  We headed up to Crest Ranch to get our Christmas tree.  The sun was brilliant.  The sky was hyper-blue.  The air was crisp.  We could see for miles.  What a day.
Off on the hunt
Setting off on the hunt.  
We are very particular about our trees but we tend to make up our minds quickly.  So, we only considered a few which I took pictures of so we could compare on the spot.  Sometimes there is little doubt and sometimes we wander the whole property before making up our minds.
This one?
This one?
This one?
Or this one? 
This one!
When we found it, we just knew!  It was perfect.  Not too tall.  Not too skinny.  Not too many holes in the branches.  It was just right!

Then the cutting begins.
Greg got it started
Greg got it started.
Gage took a turn
Gage's turn. 
Ruth's turn
Ruth's turn.
Victory 2012
Tree done -- Christmas 2012 can begin.
We got it home and into the house that same day.  


  1. I LOVE trees like yours. Easy to decorate inside near the trunk and out to the edges! Nice!

  2. Thanks, Mary! Yes, Noble Firs are my favorite Christmas tree. Little to no sap. Great for displaying ornaments with all the layers of branches. Love them.

  3. This post put a smile on my face. With our children long grown and gone (one to California, one to London....yes, England), our Christmas tree remains down. We are usually away from home, so no sense leaving a tree up with ornaments for the cats to destroy.
    But your sweet story brings back the joy of a family on the tree hunt. Thanks.

    1. So glad you liked it . . . our tree hunt is one of my favorite Thanksgiving traditions. We are aware of the passing of time and the limited number of years we have with the kids to do things like this . . .