Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Proper forestry management

Our Christmas tree farm has very strict rules about leaving branches when you cut the tree so that the tree can grow back in the future and their farm is sustainable.

We like to take things even further.

The kids counted the number of rings.
Counting the rings on our tree's stump
Love the intensity.
They estimate that the tree we cut down was 12 years old.  So, we decided to replace it with another 12 year old.
Another 12 year old tree
Nice widespread branches, good height.  
Do you cut above the feet or below?
I love the delighted fear on Gage's face as his sister runs the saw against his jeans.
Now, when you cut down a 12 year old boy/tree, do you leave the feet or take the feet?

Fall tree at Crest Ranch
A beautiful place for getting a tree:  Crest Ranch


  1. Too funny, LL. However, I would refuse to leave the 12 "tree" as a replacement. That particular species is just too hard to get going. Plus at 12 it is beginning to reach a really touchy stage. I don't think the tree farm would appreciate your "gift."

    1. Yea, we ended up taking him back with us. Luckily, he's a pretty hardy species (although, we are definitely aware of the touchiness!!!).