Sunday, November 25, 2012

Family traditions

The SF Auto Show is held the weekend of Thanksgiving.  For the past several years, the Millers have enjoyed going and doing some fantasy building there.

It's so fun to really get to touch the cars, sit in them, push buttons, open spaces, and really see if a car would work for you.  There is no pressure -- there are plenty of folks there to distract the sales folks on the floor but they are there if you want more information.

We all end up with our favorites, our dreams.

Gage loves muscle cars.
Ruth discovered this year that convertibles are very nice.
Sometimes you just need a break!
Black and sleek always works . . . 
Hi Gage!  Gage still loves a good photobomb!
What's not to like about an over-the-top Lambo?
The Academy of Arts University has an antique car exhibition here every year.  It's really amazing to see these mint condition cars all lined up.
A ridiculously cute old BMW 
MGB GT - just like my parents bought in England when I was a little girl.  Only ours was orange.  

Oh my goodness. Jags have ALWAYS been fabulous.
Greg's favorite of the show.  Wow.  
And, sometimes, based on what we've seen and touched and talked about, our plans (and dreams) may change.

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