Sunday, September 16, 2012

Any Given Sunday - Football Munchies!

Okay, I just tossed out my pre-written post on making wonderful football munchies including recipes.  Instead I will be posting about making the best of disappointment, pig's ear, silk purse.  That sort of thing.

I polled my football fan on what he wanted to munch on while he watched the game.  He was most clear, "Wings!"  As I make some fabulous wings, I was all set.

I wrote the post and just needed to take some pictures to add before publishing it.

Then, I went to the store.  Turns out that our little small town markets no longer carry frozen bags of wings.

What?  How can I make my fabulous wings without frozen wings.  I strolled past the butcher . . . they didn't have any in the meat case.  I circled back around to the freezers and checked again.  Nope, no bags of frozen wings.

So, I punted.

It is a football day, after all.  I bought pre-made snacks and I will doctor them up and improve upon them.

So, I started with TGIF buffalo wings.  I will be adding some good Ranch and blue cheese dressings.  I also got some celery, petite carrots, green onions, and sugar snap peas to put out with them.

I went wild and got some mozzarella sticks with marinara for my kids' enjoyment.

And, some potato skins.  Those never have enough cheese and bacon so I'm adding my own shredded cheese and bacon bits before cooking them.  With a side of sour cream, my husband should be a happy man.

So, my football recipe this week is mostly just the advice that you don't have to leave pre-made food alone.  Go ahead and doctor it up.  Have fun with it.  Make it your own!  You won't be sorry!

Go Niners!

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  1. Well, that sucks. How can a store stop carrying something as basic as chicken wings?