Sunday, August 5, 2012

Tiny Beauty

All these photos were taken at Rocky Mountain National Park near the Visitors Center at nearly 12,000 feet.  This is well above the tree line and these tiny beauties survive in an exceptionally harsh environment.  High Alpine plants are often tiny versions of common wildflowers found in lower altitudes.  At first glance, the high tundra can seem lifeless but, clearly, it's full of life. 

We learned that walking on the tundra grasses does great damage to them.  I took all these photos from the trail rather than walk onto the delicate grasses and do any damage.  Oddly enough, the huge elk that roam the area don't seem interested in following the same rules!  


  1. I love these photos--such delicate flowers.
    Hmmm--perhaps the elk need a teacher of reading?

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