Thursday, August 2, 2012

Summer . . .

"Summer is zipping by," said this teacher, today.

(And, by the way, don't you LOVE Someecards?)


  1. While it's true that summer zips by for the teacher, I always loved the rhythm of a year in teaching. Many jobs it is the same same same all the time--no rhythm to such a work year.

  2. Yes, Donna, Exactly. I was chatting with a friend yesterday and we talked about how when I'm on my long summer trips, I am completely shut off from teaching. You could ask me about my students from the year before and I'd have a hard time remembering names. But, once we are about a week from home, my brain slowly starts turning towards teaching again and I am mentally getting ready for the upcoming school year. The rhythms start even before school begins . . .