Friday, September 28, 2012


Where do I stop and where do I start
Bubbles of love go straight to my heart
Lazily floating high up above
Somebody’s blowin’ bubbles of love

- Manhooghi Hi 

Taken at Badlands National Park, Summer 2012
My life is feeling full of bubbles lately.  

My son is running cross country and loving it.  He is challenging himself to push harder and run faster. He likes it best when he is running long distances in the woods; not just going round and round the track.  He has amazing friends and is thriving in middle school.

My daughter is loving high school.  Making new friends and finding her place in this new world.  She is leaping into new challenges and pushing herself to succeed. Honors classes, community band, all the challenges are taken with excitement and gusto.  

My husband . . . well, everyday with him is better than the last.  When you marry your best friend, good things happen.  

Work is a challenge but a joyful one.  My students are amazing.  My schedule is wild.  I'm at once more isolated and more supported than I've ever been professionally.  There are new colleagues that I'm enjoying getting to know and new babies on the way.  

There is a giant dog curled up at my feet, exhausted after 45 minutes of noisy bone chewing.  

Life is exciting.  Bubbles.  

And, it's Friday!