Monday, December 10, 2012

Getting ready . . .

Yesterday, we spent our day in Middle Earth!  We should have started earlier on our journey as we did not quite finish.  We started around 10am with a bit of a break around 2pm (to make lunch and work on recalcitrant Christmas tree lights).  It was a great day.  My mother-in-law joined us although she left before we watched the first disc of Return of the King.  We are going to watch the last disc of that movie tonight.  What an adventure!

We ate like Hobbits all day.  I made second breakfast of eggs, bacon, and Yorkshire pudding.  We had sausage and potatoes for lunch.  Later, we had some dip and chips and then chocolate chip cookies.  Oh, and we enjoyed tea throughout!  It seemed that the best way we could help Frodo and the gang was to keep our strength up!  No point in getting peckish!

All this in preparation for The Hobbit movie which starts on Friday!  And, to think . . . it's only part I!  We're so excited!


  1. You are the second family I have read about who is preparing for "The Hobbit."
    While I will see the movie--maybe (since I have yet to see "Lincoln" or "Sky Fall")--I doubt I will watch the LOTR cycle just to get ready.

    1. Hmm, I havent' seen Lincoln yet but did see SkyFall. We've got a policy about which movies we'll go to the theater for -- it's got to be a BIG movie that needs a BIG screen! If it's a smaller movie, we'd just as soon wait!