Thursday, December 5, 2013


Fog is a blessing
(during hot days of travel through California's Central Valley after crossing the deserts of Nevada)
bringing cool relief to the dry, baking, life-sucking heat
Soothing the spirit and body
with airborne liquid cooling
Mother Nature's air conditioning, I think.
How many marriages are saved by fog?  (Maybe just mine)
Blissful fog
Beloved fog

Fog swirls up off the redwoods at night as the air cools
a gray mist rising into the darkening sky
They make their own weather
these forest giants
rising 300 feet above my head
Surviving for eons to be felled when Americans came to these mountains
clear cut scars across the mountains
The fog swirling through the stumps, confused
Give it a hundred years or so and they'll be back
Blissful fog
Beloved fog

©2013 Liza Lee Miller
All rights reserved

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