Tuesday, July 24, 2012


We are home from our 5-1/2 week long trip.  We went to 7 states and logged thousands of miles.  We spent so much time together in the small space of our motorhome that sometimes I thought I'd scream from the lack of privacy.   We'd wake up in the morning and have that moment of wondering where we were.  We have new family jokes and memories to last a lifetime.  We saw moose!  We climbed a glacier.  We survived day after endless day of heat above 95 degrees.  We are a stronger, tighter family.

This morning.  I woke up at home.  I slept so deeply in my own bed that I'm not sure I moved all night. The sounds of my neighborhood are filling my ears and filling my brain.  There are issues to deal with and chores that need doing and lives to reboot but right now, the house is still and quiet, the nest of crows behind our house is kronking, and all is right with the world.

We're home.


  1. I love returning home after our vacations. Nothing at all like sleeping in my own bed.

    By the way, did the pups go along on the trip? If not, where were they?

    1. Absolutely, Donna. I slept so well that first night! We don't take the dogs on these trips -- they are too long and there would be too many days when taking the dogs with us would be a problem (ie. hiking in National Parks, going to Canada, etc.). So, they stay with my mother-in-law. She loves having Ruby but I think that Freya, the wolfhound puppy, was a bit much. Sigh.